Long distance relationship backgrounds tumblr

15 Love Quotes On Long Distance Relationship And Romance on Valentine Day

long distance relationship backgrounds tumblr

Sep 29, It's no secret that long-distance relationships are tough AF. .. toggles to read quotes and blogs about maintaining long-distance relationships. Apr 28, How You Interact: Long Distance Relationship (Ethan) Jack and Mark- Dark was standing in the background undetected, seeing if he can. 15 Love Quotes On Long Distance Relationship And Romance on Valentine Day. Updated: January 1, / Home» Quotes [ Top Tumblr Inspirational, Love.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

And to keep your thoughts organised, you set peoples moods into weather patterns. The egos were prime examples of wild weather changes. Host was moody, but also emotionless too; so his moods were cloudy with shimmering rays of sunlight through the dark cover.

Those rays varied between shades of yellow, gold and silver, but they told you a story within each colour. The Jims were sunny days.

long distance relationship backgrounds tumblr

Never a dull or blue moment when they were around. They were always full of energy and just being around them made you feel brighter inside. Even when they were frustrated or being scolded, their sunny days only grew hotter or windier. One minute he could be a gentle rain-storm.

long distance relationship backgrounds tumblr

Refreshing and calm, doing his own thing as he slaves over his next piece of show-business. And a tornado of fractured sunlight and old memories would whirl around you.

  • 15 Love Quotes On Long Distance Relationship And Romance on Valentine Day

It was far too much and you usually left at the soonest opportunity. A quick nod of acknowledgement as he passes you in the Iplier Mansion. The sense of dread and hatred was a ever growing pressure against the temples of your skull. But what floored you the most was the pain. The storm of pain and regret. And that was only in passing.

You dreaded the day you would meet him properly and have to act normal as that storm slammed into you. And unfortunately, that day was today. You felt the cold presence of the growing storm as Dark approached you.

It was like that first cold gust of wind, the calm before the lighting and thunder and chilling rain. Your smile somewhat hesitant as Dark greeted you. His voice lost on the ghostly howls of his emotions.

long distance relationship backgrounds tumblr

You were swept up into it before you could grab onto something. Ice cold rain battered against your skin. Lightening flashed overhead and thunder made the floor shake under your feet. You fell to the floor. Terror gripping you as red and blue lightening split the sky apart. Voices roared and shrieked in your mind. The tornado of hate took away your voice and left you breathless; gasping for breath as you clutched the nearest thing to you.

Is there any background story to why you call each other that? Do you guys have a song? What is it and why do you relate so closely to it? What do each of your families think about your long distance relationship? Do you think it effects how your relationship survives? If you have not, what are you looking forward to doing most? If you had to sit down and write your vows to you SO right now, what would you include in telling them you plan on loving them forever? Do you have a picture together?

long distance relationship backgrounds tumblr

How do you make the time more meaningful when you talk? If you could go on a dream vacation with your SO free of charge, where would you go and what would you do? Has anything awkward ever happened between you and your SO?

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Visas, marriage, meeting, introducing to family Day Is money currently a factor in how often you see your SO? How do they save money to see you? What is your favourite physical feature of your SO?

Are you thinking about marriage? What was it like when you first started your LDR? Do you have any sexy stories about you and your SO?