Nancy sinatra lee hazlewood relationship goals

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nancy sinatra lee hazlewood relationship goals

Explore Adriana Jove Pellegrini's board "Lee Hazelwood" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Lee hazlewood, Nancy sinatra and Colors. Lee Hazlewood, the king of country-pop, tells Dorian Lynskey about the good old days with Nancy Sinatra. "I had a couple dozen jobs in my life and I didn't like any of them, and that's not so bad because the people I worked for didn't like me either." . We hope to pass our goal by early January Sooner or later, Nancy Sinatra was bound to show up on The Sopranos. Oklahoman producer named Lee Hazlewood, who took the woman.

The pieces didn't quite fit together.

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He was funny, charismatic and supportive but he could also be cold, vengeful and mean. Like Serge Gainsbourghe made both exquisitely subversive pop music and cynical kitsch, and gave the impression that he regarded his career as a private joke with financial benefits. The only niche he inhabited was the one he carved for himself, and that could get lonely. Barely acknowledged in the obituaries, however, was Lee Hazlewood Industries LHIthe label he ran from to Neither commercially fruitful nor critically acclaimed, most of its song output, which pinballed between country, soul, girl groups, psychedelia and novelty pop, fell through the cracks of history, almost as if it had never existed.

Now reissue specialists Light in the Attic have salvaged it all in an epic box set, There's a Dream I've Been Savingwhich tells the story of a label that could only have existed in a particular era of the Los Angeles music business, under the aegis of a very unusual man.

Lee Hazlewood

When I met him inthe year-old was a cranky raconteur with a taste for gruff one-liners. I asked him what inspired him to enter the music business. Thanks in part to Hazlewood's unorthodox vocal coaching "Sing like a year-old girl who fucks truck-drivers"'s These Boots Are Made for Walkin' was a colossal hit, earning Hazlewood the lasting gratitude of Frank and a generous offer from Decca: It was an exhilarating time to be in LA.

The city was full of money, music and the conviction that everyone was just one hit away from the big time. Hazlewood met the year-old Hokom at the Hollywood restaurant Martoni's, a bustling music industry hangout. It was a caricature he created. He liked to talk like a country guy who didn't have a dime, but then if he bought a car it had to be the biggest, longest car.

The label's logo, a classical Greek profile, was based on a necklace Hazlewood bought for Hokom while on holiday in Mexico. When she loaned it to Light in the Attic to photograph for the box set, she had to explain that it was chipped when she threw it at him during a heated spat.

nancy sinatra lee hazlewood relationship goals

Hazlewood had a nose for untested talent. He offered Texas-born radio DJ Tom Thacker the job of vice-president after a game of football at a friend's house. He was an unorthodox boss. His private office had blackout blinds and he liked to turn up for work around midday. One morning he came in early and found Thacker already at his desk. Horrified, Hazlewood ordered him to take the rest of the day off.

And I'd never seen anyone with a moustache like that. He was very Texan. He was very sweet and embracing of us: LHI signed artists at such a rate that even the staff couldn't keep track.

They're gonna make you invisible too! Hazlewood's approach was to record singles as quickly and cheaply as possible and hope some of them took off. It was challenging, especially when you're the only girl who's doing that.

Mark Pickerel It was a well-oiled machine but it wasn't producing the goods. The only signing who went on to bigger things was country-rock pioneer Gram Parsonswho left the International Submarine Band after their Hokom-produced album to join the Byrds.

Hazlewood, who never liked Parsons, was so enraged that he sued to have the singer's vocals removed from the Byrds' Sweetheart of the Rodeo. He was just as controlling when Hokom received an offer to meet the Beatles he hated them, too in New York to discuss producing artists on their new Apple label. No," says Honey Ltd's Joan Glasser.

nancy sinatra lee hazlewood relationship goals

He was a survivor. Hazlewood isn't one for self-denial.

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Hazlewood is enjoying something of a revival. Until three years ago he had maintained studio silence sinceapparently content to survive on handsome royalty cheques and cult acclaim. But then Smells Like Records, the label owned by Sonic Youth's Steve Shelley, reissued several of Hazlewood's hard-to-find solo albums and a new collection of standards.

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His performance at the Royal Festival Hall that year as part of Nick Cave's Meltdown line-up was his first appearance before an enthusiastic new generation of fans. He evidently enjoyed the attention, because he's back with a new collection of rarities and curios, For Every Solution There's a Problem, on the City Slang label.

A tribute album was attempted once before, by Seattle label Sub Pop at the height of the grunge boom, but Hazlewood was in one of his ornery moods and sank the idea. He looks slightly rueful at the memory. He says, 'You'd have got rich off that one, Lee. While most cult artists have a bank balance to match their profile, he estimates that the songs he has written have sold 60m copies, so the relative obscurity of his solo work hasn't caused much gnashing of teeth.

He is a little disappointed that the bands on Total Lee aren't better known - so the album probably won't net him much - and when he talks about Billy Ray Cyrus's insipid yet 14m-selling cover of These Boots Are Made for Walkin', released a few years ago, you can practically see the dollar signs spring up behind his sunglasses.

When I ask what first inspired him to start writing songs, he replies simply: His father, Gabe, was an itinerant oil driller, so the Hazlewoods were soon on the move: Gabe and his half-native American wife, Eva Lee, were liberals back when a liberal Texan was an oxymoron and they were happy for Lee to follow his own path.

InHazlewood ventured into production and songwriting and notched up a series of hits, chiefly with Eddy, whose trademark guitar twang he invented.

His innovative recording techniques including using a grain elevator as an echo chamber inspired both Phil Spector and Brian Wilson.

'I made Sinatra's daughter sound like a tough broad'

InHazlewood released his first solo album, Trouble Is a Lonesome Town, a wry concept album based on people he met on his return visits to Mannford. He'd stay three days in Mannford and four days in Keystone. And when I tell people that, they say, 'But you make up things, Lee! I enjoyed my eight months off. Hell, I've taken off longer than that since then. Then Frank paid a visit. And I hadn't even said yes yet! Notoriously, he instructed Nancy to sing it "like a year-old girl who fucks truck drivers.