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relationship advice tumblr

r/tumblr is your destination for Tumblr related discussions, jokes, screenshots, and more. A collection of relationship questions and answers from a trusted relationship coach. Questions are closed but please visit. this is solid relationship advice S40 tame @wearemitu photocredit: marocko tumblr from Instagram tagged as Advice Meme.

Her original work is a poignant, tender, and bittersweet definition of what love is. Her work resonated with a vast number of people on the internet, over a million people to be exact. Intense and fiery passion running through such a young relationship; and when the passion is gone and life sets in, one is left with nothing but ashes of what once was. After realizing how much traction her post has made, she, later on, supplemented the original post with an explanation and with a different stand: It should be taught everywhere.

Remain committed to your spouse What people do not recognize is that love is a feeling, commitment, however, is a whole different thing. Commitment makes all the difference when one is in love. Commitment is what makes one person continuously choose their person despite any difference or adversity. Not just on their good days, but also, on the bad days. Show respect to your spouse When you get married, you always have to think of the best of your spouse.

They are your best friend after all, and it is them who you will be facing the rest of your life with. When you think the best of them, you are showing respect, and mutual respect is part of the foundation of a healthy marriage. The goal of a healthy argument is to find the balance and compromise. Nothing saddens and scares me like the thought that I can become ugly to someone who once thought all the stars were in my eyes.

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Embrace change, because change is inevitable It does feel scary when you think about it that way. Do not ever take your partner for granted Find new ways to always remind them that they mean so much to you.

It does get easier to answer questions that make you stammer before. My therapist had more than once sat there for an hour as I cried when she asked me what hurt me in the past.

relationship advice tumblr

It was about me really thinking about it and really processing my own feelings over past events. So if you think you need a moment to cry, let them know that.

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Allow yourself to have feelings. Allow yourself to ramble.

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Just answer their questions. It will definitely help. So take a deep breath and keep going, okay? Always by your side, Kelly 0 Dec 31 Anonymous hi, you can call me ness.

I would recommend that you write down why you feel that you may be agender.

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Then I would recommend talking to friends in the community who identify as such and ask them what helped them to be sure about their identity. There are forums that you can talk to about this feeling. We become influenced by the people we surround ourselves with so yeah maybe being around Tumblr and friends who are in the LGBTQ community influenced you with this decision.

We are constantly exploring ourselves.

relationship advice tumblr

For now, talk to people and get their story. Ask them what helped them understand and be sure of their identity. We kinda talked during the summer but we both got busy. He talks to other girls just fine but is quiet around me. One time at one of his football games he called me his lucky charm.

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What should I do? Hey love, I think you should initiate a conversation and maybe pursue a friendship. Maybe he considers you as a friend. Try talking to him more at school.

Get to know him.

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Maybe message each other from outside of school more. Let the friendship come naturally. For the time being, be his friend and get to know him better. You may change your mind once you become his friend or you may not.

relationship advice tumblr