Shizuo izaya relationship marketing

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shizuo izaya relationship marketing

Izaya Orihara by Leezhsg with reads. durarara, shizuoheiwajima, izayaorihara. Once they stepped into the market, all eyes were on them and the glaring. Explore Kiyozumi Aii's board "Shizuo x Izaya" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Izaya orihara, Shizaya and Durarara. Izaya and Shizuo'a relationship. Great Eastern Entertainment Durarara! Izaya and Shizuo Wall Scroll, 33 by Inch: Wall Decor: Posters & Prints.

This is a page for the relationship between Izaya and Namie. Relationship Edit Initially, Namie and Izaya had very little contact outside of what was required for their jobs. Namie even expresses some controlled, but visible, annoyance with Izaya's personality. However, she does seem to have confidence in his abilities to the point to where Izaya is the first person she turns to after the incident with the Dollars.

shizuo izaya relationship marketing

Once Namie agrees to work as Izaya's secretary, she tries to keep a professional mood between them but it is constantly undermined due to her obvious disdain for her new employer, as well as Izaya's flippant personality. She follows Izaya's schemes with reluctant cooperation, but has shown a few moments of disobedience such as informing Horada about Mikado being the leader of the Dollars, and giving Kururi and Mairu the link to the chat-room.

shizuo izaya relationship marketing

She has also shown some disturbance and even fear at what Izaya was capable of doing. Within the light Novel series, their relationship is a bit more fleshed out. From Izaya's point of view, he appears to be more or less indifferent towards Namie. He has stated that he views Namie as a horrible person and usually makes fun of her for her incestuous love for her brother.

However, Izaya enjoys teasing people so these insults are likely a product of that enjoyment.

Izaya and Shizuo

Despite his generally low opinion of her, he states that he loves her in the same way he loves all other humans although that isn't something she exactly takes comfort in.

As it so happens, Suzuhito Yasuda, illustrator of the Durarara!! Light Novels, has been said to ship Namie and Izaya. Namie claims that the only reason she hasn't poisoned him yet is due to the large paychecks she receives. However, she has shown a surprising level of patience with Izaya and has frequently been shown going above and beyond what would normally be required of her such as when she agreed to let Akane Awakusu stay with her while she ran away from home.

Since Namie initially became his secretary, Izaya seemed to take pleasure in having watched Namie fall so far from grace. Shortly before she agreed to work for him, her family's company was bought by Nebula.

Izaya dangles this fact over her head, attempting to get to her though it seldom works. So he wondered what was taking his friend so long to get here, he relaxed on the wooden bench until he felt his mobile phone vibrate in his pocket, he slowly tugged the phone out and gazed at the screen that said Masaomi Kida.

He flicked the phone open and received a text message which stated as the following 'Going 2 b a bit late, chatting up 2 hotties atm, be right over there in a while!

Izaya and Namie

At this rate Anri will be wondering if we ditched her! Mikado felt worried so he flicked his phone out to send a text message. That was until it happened- "Oh, why hello there Mikado" all colour on Mikado's face drained as he slowly looked up to see one, Orihara Izaya staring down upon him with that cat like grin.

Mikado found himself gulping before finishing his text message and clicking the send button. Meanwhile at the south of Ikebukuro a quiet girl with glasses stood by a shop and jumped when her phone went off, she picked it up and saw that it was from one of her friends and found the following message on her phone.

Izaya is here, help me: Then would you go out with me? When Mikado was about to open his mouth to snap at Izaya a giant vending machine came out of nowhere almost hitting Izaya if it wasn't for the fact it missed him by an inch.

Mikado's face went twice as pale as before as he heard very familiar snarling behind him. Don't be so shy Mika-chan! When did he become involved in their game of cat and mouse?

Why does this happen to me! He cried in his mind.

shizuo izaya relationship marketing

Meanwhile a boy by the name Masaomi Kida was only a few blocks away, he felt kind of worried in case Mikado would be mad at him for making him wait? A smile whisked onto the blond boy's lips "Ah Mikado! I see you found me!

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I'm right here-" "Don't run away Mikado! I know where you live! Mikado was literally screaming as he ran down the street, rushing past many innocent bystanders who were later either used as a launching pad by Izaya or was run over by Shizuo.

Meanwhile, Shinra was innocently walking out of the supermarket, a gleeful smile on his lips as for once he didn't get his shopping list mixed up with Celty's. The black market doctor walked with a skip in his step down the street until he caught a glimpse of a boy running like it was for life and death. I wonder if he's in trouble? It was only when he heard two familiar voices did he know that the boy was in very serious trouble.