Smooth interpersonal relationship

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smooth interpersonal relationship

SIR - Smooth Interpersonal Relationship. Looking for abbreviations of SIR? It is Smooth Interpersonal Relationship. Smooth Interpersonal Relationship listed as . An excerpt from Suntaree Komin's Psychology of the Thai People on inter- personal relationships. SIR stands for Smooth Interpersonal Relationship. Filipinos go to great lengths to avoid offending another's feelings which is why they have this linguistic social.

Filipinos always tend to prioritize the crowd.

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Filipinos have a tendency to to find enjoyment when they are with other people. It is what the majority thinks that should be done in order to avoid conflict. But, this trait also presents problems when it comes to relationships. We incline to become overly attached to other people that we let them dictate how we should present ourselves in front on them. The desire to become straightforward with our thoughts and emotions are hindered by this which disallow us to show how we really perceive somebody or a particular group.

If you do not go along, it is already a cue that you also do not belong. Instead of becoming more open-minded to changes, the force to go along arrives and warns you. The other one is to go in between. We fear to act on our own for it is already presumed that we carry inadequate authority to request a response from somebody else. High importance to the one who holds power is observed.

Smooth Interpersonal Relationship Essay

This trait strengthens the cohesive bond between Filipinos for we recognize the role of someone in our everyday interactions. On the other hand, this concept of power sharing teaches Filipinos to be very subjective in their negotiations.

smooth interpersonal relationship

The outlook towards other people is already influenced by the power that someone holds. If you apply this to a larger scope, the dilemma that this attitude presents is huge.

smooth interpersonal relationship

Lastly, we also consider euphemism very essential. We reframe an unpleasant idea or thought into milder or more pleasant construction in order not to be very offensive or mean. This is a healthy trait for we value the emotions of others.

Human beings are very unique in nature for we have the capability to endure pain. What Is the Meaning of Interpersonal Relationship?

Miguel Cavazos A man holding a young woman while laying on a couch. According to a article in Time magazine, challenges in life may feel less daunting to people with close interpersonal relationships.

Interpersonal Relationships

The magazine notes that close emotional connections and relationships may provide a sense of safety and security that reduces stress and promotes good health.

Definition An interpersonal relationship is the nature of interaction that occurs between two or more people. People in an interpersonal relationship may interact overtly, covertly, face-to-face or even anonymously. Your interpersonal relationships may occur with friends, family, co-workers, strangers, chat room participants, doctors or clients.

smooth interpersonal relationship

Strong Interpersonal Relationships Strong interpersonal relationships exist between people who fill many of each other's emotional and physical needs. The extent of needs that a mother fills is greater than the extent of needs that are filled between, for example, you and the cashier at the grocery store. Weak Interpersonal Relationships Mild interpersonal relationships exist when people fill modest needs.

smooth interpersonal relationship