Touma kamijou relationship memes

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touma kamijou relationship memes

Misaka and Touma from A Certain Magical Index and A Certain Scientific Railgun Kamijou Touma & Misaka Mikoto | Toaru Majutsu no Index #anime. Anime and Cosplay Memes! Kamijou Touma.. You're so damn lucky!! Click on the Heart to up vote if you like this meme. Kamijou Touma is the main character of Toaru Majutsu no Index, and is one of the most vocal characters in the universe. He is famous having many long and.

Can't you save someone if you're not standing at that spot?! In front of your eyes are people that don't wish to cry that are crying! Is that not enough? Just step up already! With these, you can step up and be a shield for them! But, if you want to protect that child then do so with your chest held high! Here and now, be proud in knowing that you are protecting her! This is your life right? Then decide for yourself! If you want to protect everything with your hands then do so, if you want to abandon everything then do so.

touma kamijou relationship memes

But, what do you yourself want to do right now? But the one who will cause me to lower my head won't be Fiamma of the Right.

You just shut the hell up. I'll take care of this. If you look at this planet from a satellite or something, you probably won't think they're anything but ants. But I saved them. It doesn't matter how tiny they are— I've seen with my own eyes, the instant someone's 'world' was saved. Our world isn't so weak that we need a bastard like that to save it. I know that magic is not something that will hit me no matter what. With the power of my right hand…no, as long as I have the will to clench my fist, I can brush aside or negate it.

Touma Kamijou/Personality and Relationships

No, I have no reason. There has to be a way to resolve this without anyone killing anyone!! Said to Thor after refusing to use a handgun against him from Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 06 No matter how many times I reach game over and no matter how many times I must pathetically hit continue, I will not stop moving forward.

I am no one but Kamijou Touma!! Of course it bothers me!! What was I doing all that time? I just wanted to wake up in my dorm, make food for Index, go to school, and hang out with my friends after school. I just wanted that normal life back. So why do I have to be treated like an absolute evil!?

Othinus saved every last one of the six billion people on earth to make me suffer. Why the hell do I have to go through all this?

What was I calling misfortune!? I had always managed to slip past all that and used every trick I had to reach a compromise. I had managed to strike a nice balance!

touma kamijou relationship memes

But she destroyed it all. Of course it bothers me! I coughed up blood and shed tears to somehow make my way along that path, but Othinus easily did it like it was just a game! She stole everything from me!! She stole everything I had — even the path I walked down — and she did it so skillfully that I feel stupid complaining about it!!

What the hell was that? And I doubt it will even last that long.

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If you can easily create something, you have no problem with destroying it. Am I supposed to stand up to that!? Why did someone like her have to appear in front of me!?

She could leave all the people here alone and create a new human race on a desert planet she made livable!! I was never fighting because I wanted to. Even if they cried and cried, no one would have complained, but they put up with it anyway. I clenched my fist like an idiot, charged in, and somehow resolved the incident. But overcoming those things increased the number of people around me. I began to think those connections with people had some kind of meaning!!

And this is where it got me. I had everything taken from me. As you said, someone might rush over for my sake if they knew. They might cast everything aside and join me even if it meant making an enemy of this entire world run by Othinus. That tiny illusion is not worth abandoning this miraculous situation where lost lives have returned. During that time he thought that she was an innocent person who he had dragged in all this and took her with him, only to find out that she was the leader of this magic cabal.

Kamijou Touma/Personality and Relationships

Later, he will be involved in a magic-related incident and Birdway explained that she's here to seek assistance from Index and Touma. There he finds out through Mark Space that she is a person who would sacrifice her own subordinates in order to succeed in her plans.

He thought of her as someone cocky [36]but he still thought of her as someone he can rely on while she sees him as someone who is pretty tough and fun to play with. Later on after their "fight and makeup" during Ichihanaransaihe began to trust her again and acknowledged her as one of the most passionate and hardworking of people.

Both Silvia and Lessar have teased Leivinia that she thinks of Touma as something of a big brother to her. Edit Misaki was the first Level 5 that Touma encountered, one year before the start of the story. Their first encounter was on a corner in the Academy City in which Touma lost his phone, making him unable to save Mitsuari Ayu.

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After that they met at a lake where Misaki was considering to reset her brain to forget about all the evil of the city. Touma saw that and prevented her from doing it, speaking about her underwear being visible.

touma kamijou relationship memes

Misaki in that moment tried to erase his memories and failed miserably. She discovered, much later, about the basic abilities of Imagine Breaker which she came to learn to bypass. They continued to accidentally meet each other on various occasions. During one of these, Misaki was attacked by pigeons and, after Touma saved her, he gave her a whistle to use in case she was in trouble; as she later tried it, Misaki realized on how she experienced her first indirect kiss as Touma used it beforehand.

To this point the whistle serves both as a memento and her connection to him, for Touma this was also done to prevent himself from being in a position of being unable to save someone again like with Mitsuari Ayu. One day Misaki found herself being attacked by a group called Deadlockwho wanted to kill the Level 5, and Touma stood to protect her even after they offered to let him go, but was heavily injured in the process.

Near to death, Misaki used her Mental Out to cut off his sense of pain so that the EMTs could save him in the place, as he received a radical drop of blood pressure. Touma's life was saved, but at a price as his "pathways that call in the memories" were damaged causing the loss of his memories about Misaki and making him unable to remember her even after other future encounters.

He is one who will follow what he believes regardless of what others try to convince him of. In addition, Villian commented that Touma is just like William Orwellsomeone who follows his own ideals no matter what [4]though there are differences between the two: William is someone who stays true to his ideals and firmly believes it is the right path no matter what happens, and no matter who speaks against it; while Touma does not have set ideals and therefore can be manipulated into helping other people's plots.

And when he does do something wrong, Motoharu describes Touma as someone who will carry that mistake all on his own, along with his own. Even so, he works to correct his mistakes in order to bring a smile to everyone's face at the end of the road, no matter the cost he himself may have to pay.

Despite his righteous and heroic personality Touma occasionally displays poor choice of words which results in him getting bitten by Index, having bolts of lightning thrown by Misaka Mikoto, and creating misunderstandings with the other girls he encounters. During World War III, after his first clash against Fiamma of the Right, when Touma questioned Fiamma's actions about how rightful they both are, Fiamma dared him to confront Index about his memory loss which left Touma saddened due to the guilt.

While talking to Kanzaki, he implies that he reads it because he wants to know what will happen next.

touma kamijou relationship memes

Moreover, Aiwass' comments on Touma labeled "righteous" by other people is referenced. Leivinia compares him to Aleister Crowley and Laura Stuartand refers to him as having the seeds to do something indescribably great, which will give him great power if he controls it, or will be disastrous for him if he does not.

However, it should be noted that it might be because maybe Touma was confident that Rensa would be able to save Hisako before he could destroy her. Indeed, Hisako survived and was spared from being completely destroyed by the Imagine Breaker after Touma defeated her due to Rensa's actions.

Here, he accepts that he wants to go back to his own world where his actions had meaning instead of being in the perfect world, and was willing for it to be unmade.

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These hesitations were later thrown to the caution of the wind in his battle with Othinus, and after he lost to her didn't bother him much as he concedes victory and the world to her.

However, regardless of his own misfortune Touma believes that he is not regretful for being unfortunate, and states that he rather be unfortunate and help people than be fortunate and be happy and not notice people who are suffering.

He states that being unfortunate is his fortune and it would be the path that he continues to walk on. In conjunction to the above, Touma is often self-deprecating with his fortunes.

He had once asked himself on why "the sky is so blue, but [his] future is pitch black". When Misaka put his hand to her chest to measure his life signs, he was incredulous to the situation. In his second battle with Accelerator, he downplays himself in order to deter Accelerator from his obsession of heroes and villains, referring to himself as a mere Level 0.

Along with the "Such misfortune" line, this too has fallen out of use by him in New Testament. Ironically, despite Touma having several girls attracted to him, he has shown no apparent romantic attraction to them.

However, Touma stated that he specifically prefers Dorm manager Onee-san elder sister types, [20] as is the case with Kanzaki Kaori when he dreamed of things like her wearing the swimsuit used by Index during the Angel Fall incident, [21] and asking a kiss from Oriana Thomson when they first met.

Despite this, Motoharu describes Touma as someone who has strong self-control, and in the case with Index, who often sleeps with him, will not attack girls that are asleep.