Unwound future sad ending relationship

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unwound future sad ending relationship

While not exactly sad, the ending of Super Paper Mario is bittersweet. We see him struggle throughout the game, make new relationships and he I don't think I can not cry when watching the end of Unwound Future. Diabolical Box started out with a bit of a sad ending, but it turned out to be more bittersweet by the credits. But Unwound Future There was his. Professor Layton and the Last Specter (DS) the end of this game almost killed Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box credits pictures Mystery Room, The sad thing is Angela is actually Descole in disguise at this point 0_o>> .. I'm not sure how old Cat is in relation to Alfendi and Flora, but I'm assuming she'd.

Worse, it's not just that his heart is breaking. It's that he's just rediscovered that the woman he loved was actually alive, just in time to lose her all over again.

unwound future sad ending relationship

Let's not forget that he also took off his hat for the first time in-game ever. The emotion in that scene multiplied leaps and bounds. As well as Luke's good-bye with Layton. That in itself is sad, but then Luke starts the waterworks.

Layton tells him a gentleman doesn't make a scene in public, but Luke, the boy who has always done his best to be a gentleman shouts, "I'm sorry, but I'm not a gentleman yet!

After so much of their camaraderie, to see them say "so long" is heartwrenching.

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And when you take into account that this is Layton's last appearance in the series chronologically, all of the above basically means his story has a great big Downer Ending. Layton's goodbye with Claire, like the above troper already mentioned. And if you look closely at that cutscene, you can see that Layton's crying too. Part of him wanted to sleep but another part of him was anxious.

Luke felt like he needed to be on guard for the other two so they could relax.

unwound future sad ending relationship

He wanted to make sure they were okay and keep them okay. It felt like a ton of bricks fell on him. He knew so little about the large, large world that he was in, what was going on inside it, who was suffering and who was causing that suffering.

He glanced up through the kitchen window to look at the stars. It was dark out now, as it must have been no earlier than one o'clock. Clive crossed his mind again, making both sympathy and spite shooting faintly through his limbs. He thought about Flora, dear Flora who had been kidnapped and left alone from himself and the Professor again. He was thankful that she was tired enough to fall right asleep—he had heard her even breathing some minutes ago as he passed her bedroom door.

Luke and the Professor really would have to make it up to her before he moved. Then, Luke thought to Celeste, or rather, Claire. He didn't know a single thing about her, except what her real name was and the vague information that she had once been intimately close to the Professor.

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Luke had felt so awkward at the time. He didn't know whether he should leave them alone or stay nearby. The Professor hadn't even told him to stay with Flora, he simply let Luke follow along like usual.

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The Professor had been very tense as they walked to that secluded alleyway. Perhaps Luke was becoming more mature, because he had stayed some ways away to give the two adults some space without even thinking about it. He still couldn't figure out the knotted emotion that plagued him during the Professor and Claire's conversation. He felt even more out of placed when their conversation paused and silence ensued for what seemed like minutes. Luke did his best to look away out of respect for his beloved mentor; this wasn't something for anyone but the two of them to see.

It was when Luke overheard Claire mention her time to leave that he raised his head and looked over to the pair from the corner of his eye. When Luke saw her backing away from the Professor, he took a step forward. That strange knotted feeling returned, it was so strong now.

unwound future sad ending relationship

The Professor had called out to Claire and the pain from his tenor voice reverberated throughout Luke's body. The Professor was in pain. Luke tensed, something transient in his chest ached.

Claire turned back to him to smile sadly and her final words broke something in Luke. He hesitated at first and then followed after her, looking down the back alley with vain hope that she'd still be there.

As if she had never been there. He thought his heartbeat actually stopped. He turned around, facing the Professor—for once, he really didn't want to look at him, but Luke did. His whole world, the Professor, broke in front of him. Hershel Layton clenched his hands into fists, lowering his head as the brim of his hat hid those dark eyes. He turned away from Luke and, for the first time, Luke saw the Professor lower his hat off outside of their home.

He wasn't sure, but Luke thought he heard soft cries coming from his friend. It was at that moment that Luke realized his eyes were wet, and when he did realize, more tears came. He wiped away at them, but it only made him cry more.

He let out inaudible sobs and grasped at his sweater over his heart, trying so hard to get himself together. He shouldn't be the one crying; he had to be there for his mentor. But good god, it hurt so much. His best friend was devastated and he couldn't do anything to console him. His legs gave way slightly and he leant against the brick wall of the building next to him for support. Luke reached a hand up to rake his fingers through his hair, immensely frustrated with the situation.

Is this what love felt like? Luke's legs had given way slightly and he slid down half way against the wall. He hid his face in his hands, slightly holding his hat over his eyes as he continued sobbing quietly. He didn't get up until the Professor had walked over to him.

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When he looked up, the Professor's eyes looked so tired. Luke felt a few stray tears continue to fall from his eyes, though his eyes felt just as tired as the Professor's looked. The Professor gave him a weak smile and took his hand to pull him to his feet, fixing Luke's hat back into place over his now mussed up hair. His hand lingered on Luke's head in a subtle act of affection and the message that came with it.

And it was here they came. And it was here now where Luke pondered over all of these things again. That now-familiar ache was back again, though it almost seemed muted compared to what he felt only a few hours before. He brought his legs up to rest his forehead on his knees and reached his hands up to touch his hair. His thoughts lingered a bit longer on the memory of the Professor's hand on his head and gave out a heavy sigh. He finally forced himself up from his seat when he heard the grandfather clock in the living room chime for the second time that night.

Luke could only trudge up the stairs. His skin felt too cold for one wrapped in the fleece pajamas. His spine felt tight, tense. He actually felt his body shake from this strange cold when he reached the top of the second floor.

He was careful as he passed Flora's room, his feet padding silently on the carpet floor and walked around the corner of the hall towards his room before slowly coming to a halt in front of the Professor's door. He gazed sadly at the door, the ache from before coming back stronger. In a self-conscious habit, he pulled the sleeves of his shirt over his hands and brought a hand to his lips.

The Professor had told him once that humans do this by nature, a habit that attempts to calm the nervous system down. He let out his fiftieth sigh of that night, wishing so badly that he could just see the Professor be okay. With Luke leaving soon, the boy knew he was going to fret over his mentor regularly. If anything ever happened to him… Luke bit back the anxious whine he almost let out. Luke really didn't want to move. He loved his parents so dearly, but to be that far away from the Professor?

A whole ocean away? Why couldn't they stay closer? Luke took another shaky breath, trying to calm his nerves once more.

He was almost used to these thoughts now, having been informed of his father's transfer months back, but he had kept it from the Professor. He had been able to hold it together this long, but with everything that happened with Clive, Luke felt like he was on his last leg.

unwound future sad ending relationship