Venus conjunct midheaven relationship

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venus conjunct midheaven relationship

When the Midheaven conjuncts the Moon, there is a direct connection between According to Ebertin the Midheaven/Venus aspect addresses the quality of. If your natal Uranus (liberation) conjuncts your MC, you're going to It's simply one facet of your relationship, and that facet happens to be all business. Their Venus (in your 5th House of self-expression) trining your MC. Venus conjunct Midheaven transit brings matters or love, beauty and You love your home and family and should have good relations with.

That described one of the lucky people who had it. Donna Cunningham on January 3, at 6: VR on January 3, at 8: Dizzy on January 3, at 1: And to all my readers who helped make so rewarding. Donna Cunningham on January 3, at 7: This post is really interesting as this aspect in synastry is currently demanding lots of my attention.

The Moon is lovely, giving my a huge chill out source in my hectic life sadly no cookies yet! The Saturn is tricky though, being over the border in Virgo. Add to the fact that my own Moon and Mercury are a t-square to my MC, it sets all sorts of see-sawing emotions and thoughts off.

Synastry Contacts To The MC: Romance or Ambition? —

I doubt this aspect will ever be easy, just depends on whether I can get used to it and see if they can do something amazing for my career. Too early to tell yet. Do you think my MC t-square to Moon and Mercury could ever be satisfied?

Would two very different jobs be an easier route? What could it be, what could it be?

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Personal assistant to a diva like Madonna? Overseer for the kitchen in the family quarters in the White House? Donna Cunningham on January 3, at 9: Colleen on January 3, at 9: My long-time former employer had his Venus conjunct my MC, and on a superficial level at least, we always got along. My MC and ruler of my MC Mercury are quincunx, so finding a way to satisfy both has been challenging. Good post that got me to thinking — thanks.

LB on January 3, at Donna Cunningham on January 3, at LB on January 4, at 2: Not weird at all if someone affects you powerfully.

venus conjunct midheaven relationship

Donna Cunningham on January 4, at 4: LB on January 4, at 5: My Uranus is at precisely 2 Gemini 51! Donna Cunningham on January 4, at 6: After reading your comment, I had to look up your chart since apparently your Uranus is conjunct my Mars within a degree.

And ironically enough, my Uranus is conjunct your Mars.

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How weird is that? That would also mean your Uranus is widely conjunct my Midhaven — no big surprise there! No beard here though.

venus conjunct midheaven relationship

At least not yet. LB on January 4, at 8: I do have a quintile between Mars and Uranus natally, so hopefully it means I have a gift for leading you into exciting new ideas about astrology. But it might just mean I have a gift for occasionally ticking you off. Donna Cunningham on January 5, at 2: The emerging cycle involves clear thinking, ego conscious action and vocational changes. According to esoteric astrology, Venus relates to concrete knowledge. This combination emphasizes profound awareness that all concrete knowledge is rooted in the love principle.

The conjunction focuses on emerging awareness of the capacity to love, attachment and falling in love.

venus conjunct midheaven relationship

This is the only solar arc conjunction to the Midheaven I have experienced personally. That was certainly the time when I became poignantly aware of my love for astrology and astrologers I have Aquarius at the Midheaven in my natal chart.

venus conjunct midheaven relationship

This love affair continues to this day. The ability to decide what to do and the action itself are closely connected to the awareness of self. Prudence, a quality not normally associated with Mars, emerges because the individual is bringing self awareness to his or her activities. The integration of ego consciousness with action results, then, in more orderly activities and fewer missteps. Less constructive expression can result in careless action due largely to the lack of clear thinking processes.

Synastry Contacts To The MC: Romance or Ambition?

As usual with Mars, control provides improved results. The conjunction signals achievement of goals, change in occupation and ego conscious action. The urge to expand is joined with self awareness to provide direction and develop optimism. The desire to accomplish something important can be a powerful motivation; it also can lead to a sense of self importance. The new cycle focuses on success, conscious objectives and optimism. There is a tendency to be self critical, sometimes leading to an actual loss of ego consciousness.

Once again, the need for sufficient practice in thinking is apparent; clear thought processes win negate the tendency toward depression and mental disorder. Change may be inhibited, self examination and learning from experience will emerge.

When these aspects are controlled by a well trained mind, they provide equilibrium, as the individual can foresee conditions and events clearly. When they are out of control, emotional imbalances result and change controls one's life, an indication that one is ignoring some significant portion of the psyche and its messages. The conjunction indicates originality, assertive action, ability to advance in career and sudden changes of circumstance. The individual must work hard to manifest the higher qualities of psychic awareness.