What is another word for love hate relationship

love-hate | Definition of love-hate in English by Oxford Dictionaries

what is another word for love hate relationship

A love-hate relationship: 4 ways to build more writing love But because I was intimidated by poetry's limited words and unusual line structure. 11 Words for People Who Hate Certain Things. BY Amanda Green And with the Greek roots mis- and miso-, they can hate a whole lot of stuff. Created with. Define Love hate relationship. Love hate relationship synonyms, Love hate relationship pronunciation, Love hate relationship translation, English dictionary .

At least then people might have a real reference point when trying to explain love. As the situation stands now, there are no words, best or otherwise, that will describe love in a way that will satisfy everyone.

what is another word for love hate relationship

Now I know what love is. Now I can love, be loved and, maybe, be in love. It can be a noun or naming word for a series of sensations, feelings and emotions. This will break it down into categories that are more specific, but probably even harder to describe.

Love–hate relationship

Adding to the Confusion As a result, the following words, and more, are tossed in: The effect it has, however, is to set up a lot more puzzles and challenges. Now we have not only one concept to describe, and to understand, but several. Perhaps once we have come up with the best words to describe unconditional, or even maternal love, we can return to describing romantic love. Then we can hopefully, get closer to understanding the wonderful, scary, passionate and all-consuming experience that is love.

It can make you the happiest person around, particularly if you experience it as a verb of doing and experiencing. Participants did a standard computer task that measures how quickly they respond to certain directions. Their job was to categorize the target words as positive or negative as quickly as possible by pushing the correct button.


If we are thinking about something pleasant when a positive word pops up, we are quicker to categorize it as positive; but when a negative word pops up, we are slower to put it in the negative category. Likewise, if we are thinking about something unpleasant, we will be slower to categorize positive words and quicker for negative ones. Great, because here is where it gets interesting.

what is another word for love hate relationship

Take a look at the graph below. The bars on the left side of the graph show the typical response using positive and negative objects, such as sunsets and spiders, where positive objects only affect positive target words and negative objects only affect negative target words. Thus, people feel both positively and negatively toward those they love.

This may not surprise you.

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Feeling negatively towards your partner does not mean that you are doing something wrong or that you are in the wrong relationship. Why does this study matter? Much of our relationship rhetoric focuses on positive and negative as two ends of a spectrum—feeling more positively toward your partner means you feel less negatively toward them, and vice versa.

Our feelings toward our partners can range wildly from moment to moment—and it seems that may just be part of the wild ride of sharing your life with another complex human being.

what is another word for love hate relationship

Instead, it seems we hold some positive views of these significant others, even as we profess our dislike of them—even if we may not be able to admit it at a conscious level. Not all bad feeling is bad for you Of course, there is such a thing as too much hate. That is, way more negative than positive.

what is another word for love hate relationship

Letting Go of Anger through Compassion To foster resilience, think about a hurtful event in a different way. Feeling sad about growing apart from a good friend may help you realize you still care about that relationship.

what is another word for love hate relationship